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Type 28 Pillbox

  Key Facts Official designation:FW3/28 & FW3/28a Shape: Rectangular Shell-proof designed to house 2pdr anti-tank or 6pdr hotchkiss gun FW3/28 The smallest type 28 was a single-chamber design built to shell-proof standards. External walls are 3 feet 6 inches (1.1m)

Type 27 Pillbox

Key facts Official designation: fw3/27 Shape: Octagonal Central Light Anti Aircraft or observation well Octagonal pillbox with sides of 11ft 7 inches (3.5m) with a porch on one side to protect the entrance Open well in centre is reached through

Type 26 Pillbox

Key facts Official designation: fw3/26 Shape: square Central loop in each of three walls Doorway and loops in fourth wall Externally it is normally 10ft (3m) square Walls 18″ (45cm) thick This is probably the simplest of all but not

Type 25 Pillbox

Key facts Official designation: fw3/25 Internal measurement of 6ft (1.8m) Shape: circular Common name: Armco Proof against rifle fire For infantry using rifles and light automatics Usually found with three rifle loops and a low entrance Walls usually 12″ (30cms) thick and

Type 24 Pillbox

  Key facts Official designation: FW3/24 Shape: Irregular hexagonal Five faces of 8ft (2.4m) in length externally and a rear face of 13ft (3.96m) with two rifle loops and an entrance 2ft (61cm) wide. Those with thinner walls (up to 15ins)

Type 23 Pillbox

 Key facts Official designation: fw3/23 Shape: rectangular Square pillbox with an integral measurement of 8ft (2.4m) Integral open annex containing a mounting for a light anti-aircraft machine-gun. Generally loopholes in the roofed part and often in the open area as

Type 22 Pillbox

Key Facts Official designation: fw3/22 Shape: hexagonal Walls are around 12″- 24″  thick Internal measurement between opposite walls is around 10ft Usually (but not always) rifle loops in five of the six walls and an entrance in the sixth. A

Types Of Pillbox

Pillboxes During May 1940 the branch of the Directorate of Fortifications and Works (FW3) at the War Office was set up under the Directorship of Major-General G.B.O. Taylor. It’s purpose was to provide specific pillbox designs to be constructed throughout

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