Croydon, Purley Way. Variant Pillbox

Looking through a packet of photographs, I came across two of a two storey, or elevated, pillbox and one of a ford escort next to a large building. I wasn’t sure if the picture with the Escort in was connected at this stage. I posted the two of the pillbox on Facebook and asked if anyone knew where it might be. The post attracted a few comments but no hint of a location. Having noticed some negatives in another film packet I had a look and saw what appeared to be a third picture of the pillbox (as well as some of the famous Putney Bridge one). After much messing around getting my ancient Epson photo scanner to work with one of my computers I examined the third picture ¬†only to find it was a double exposure which made it hard to make out what was what. Some more fiddling in image editing software revealed some details and much googling eventually turned up a reference to some chap having gone for an interview in a building on Purley way, Croydon where they made corrugated cases. A quick check on the EDOB overlay for google Earth finally brought up it’s details. Unfortunately a trip down the A23 on streetview revealed the pillbox was no longer there.