Home Front

Allhallows Defences & The Battle of Britain June 1940: as German forces had now rolled up Europe and pushed the beleaguered British back home from Dunkirk, the defence of the British Isles became a paramount concern. The country’s coastal defences were strengthened, with many miles of barbed wire springing up. Some […]

Allhallows Defences

Barkham type 26 pillbox
Located on the B3349 near Wokingham/Aborfield. NGR: SU777668 This rectangular bullet proof  variant design  can be found close to the road covering a small bridge near Barkham on the B3349,  Wokingham to Arborfield Road in Berkshire. It once formed part of the outer defence perimeter for the nearby army garrison at Arborfield camp, […]

Barkham Rectangular Variant