Bramshill Forest
Demolition Practice Site, Swinley Forest, Berkshire. NGR SU882638 This is an incredible find which is not on the Defence of Britain Database or anywhere else I have looked. I had a conversation in November 2001 with a Forest Ranger in Swinley Forest when I was looking for some reported bunkers, […]

Pre D Day Training Area

Barkham type 26 pillbox
Located on the B3349 near Wokingham/Aborfield. NGR: SU777668 This rectangular bullet proof  variant design  can be found close to the road covering a small bridge near Barkham on the B3349,  Wokingham to Arborfield Road in Berkshire. It once formed part of the outer defence perimeter for the nearby army garrison at Arborfield camp, […]

Barkham Rectangular Variant

Burghfield Fortified Building
NGR SU 680-706 At Burghfield, just a few miles South-west of Reading in Berkshire can be found an excellent surviving example of a brick built fortified building (NGR SU680706). The converted stable-block is situated in between the tip of a road junction at a point where three roads meet and […]

Burghfield Fortified Building

Lester Birky Carving
Following on from his recent information on Wartime Concrete in Berkshire, Philip came across this carving in a tree close to the ‘mystery building’ illustrated previously. He already knew that the 501st & 101st Airborne had been stationed in the area during the run up to D-Day and he proceeded […]

Lester Birky Carving

M4 Vickers Machine Gun Pillbox
Under Threat!  Berkshire GHQ Line Vickers Machine Gun Pillbox M4 Junction 11 April 2008 Berkshire’s possible sole surviving Vickers Machine Gun emplacement at SU714855 may be under threat of demolition? The rare defence has recently become exposed due to tree and shrub clearance below the south west embankment of the […]

M4 Vickers Machine Gun Pillbox

Ufton Bridge pillbox
Kennet & Avon Canal, Berkshire NGR: SU618686. Having just joined the Pillbox Study Group and having received my 1st copy of loopholes yesterday, I thought it would be good to send a recent picture taken at Ufton Bridge, alongside the Kennet and Avon canal in Berkshire. According to Ironsides book […]

Ufton Bridge Pillbox

Although not a pillbox here is a wartime structure that I found in Berkshire in an area known to have been used by the 501st and 101st Airborne during the build up to D-Day. It is about 15ft by 8ft divided into three segments. Two small rooms and a central […]

Wartime Concrete