Loopholed Wall Eastney
Eastney Barracks,Ferry Rd and Beach Defences.  SZ666987 The Loopholed wall can be seen surrounding part of the Royal Marines Barracks at Eastney in  Portsmouth, this particular section is at the junction of St George’s Road and Cromwell Road leading to the main Royal Gate. Its location is close to the […]

Eastney Defences, Portsmouth.

Relief Landing Ground at NGR: SP175036 A ‘Farm’ at the WWII RLG, RAF Southrop, Gloucestershire is defended by a very unusual ‘double’ Pillbox.   A ‘Double Norcon’ Variant? I think this is a transportable Lewis Gun AA emplacement????   The Farm House?? I think it’s a Watch Office Early type […]

RAF Southrop Defences