This shelter is situated on the site of the former HMS Tern. Although similar in construction to the Stanton Shelter the internal shape is different in that it is less “pointy”. The “pointier” Stanton shape means the lower walls are more upright thus giving more room for seated occupants of […]

Shelter: e11165 HMS Tern

Deerness Chain Home Station 50, transmitter/receiver block at HY 5690 0736. Various radar types used inlcuding type 13 (Mk1), height finder and type 51, a high power surface watching set which was similar in appearance to the type 52 (for tracking shipping). Only three type 51 stations were built in […]

Chain Home Low Station: e25265

The distinctive feature of the Anti-Motorboat Boom is the BAULK: As shown in the sketch the standard baulk is a heavy iron-strapped wood and metal tank fitted with eye bolts and links for connecting the boom jack-stays, two pairs on top and one pair across the center line of the bottom. […]

Anti-Motorboat Boom Baulks

A type 22 pillbox of unusual construction. Built by the Royal Marines whilst they were guarding Hatston airfield, the pillbox has been constructed using bags of cement, immersed in water and allowed to dry in that form. Exterior views taken September 2007 – Interior views taken September 2018.

Type 22, Hatston. S0015189