What Are These? I found these some years ago at Bradwell Bay Airfield [Fighter Bomber Station WW2]. Has anyone got any idea of what they are [perhaps not even military]. I have had ideas that they were perhaps some kind of hold-fast for a Light AA Gun…they have what looks […]

Bradwell Bay

Cox Hill, Lawford, Essex I found the PSG web site very interesting and was able to identify the Pillbox near to where I live. It’s an Allan-Williams Turret and is located in a field on top of Coxs Hill in Lawford near to Manningtree Railway Station, Essex. It faces north […]

Cox’s Hill

Chris Stewart-Moffitt has formed the Military Fortifications Rescue, Research & Restoration Group Covering the County of Essex, the Group has found some very unusual Defence Structures and approached the land owners of these sites in order to rescue them from decay. Where possible they are being restored to their former […]

Essex Artifacts

Hornchurch Tett Turret. NGR: TQ 5384 Hornchurch Tett Turret. NGR: TQ 5384 Hornchurch Tett Turret. NGR: TQ 5384 Hornchurch Tett Turret. NGR: TQ 5384 The former airfield at RAF Hornchurch in Essex boasts the largest concentration of surviving tett turrets in the country. This ultra rare form of one-man pillbox […]

RAF Hornchurch Tett Turrets

Wickham Bishops Road Defences, Witham, Essex Today I visited a site at Wickham bishops road, Essex. It is recorded by Fred Nash and the SEAX group as a road barrier with irregular concrete blocks. However, upon closer inspection of these blocks the thought occurred to me that they look more sections of a demolished/destroyed […]

Wickham Bishops Road