Some aerial footage of Bawdsey Battery over the last couple of years. Recently, Matt Porter has started documenting the pillboxes that are being ravaged by the sea at East Lane (Bawdsey). EMERGENCY COAST ARTILLERY BATTERY: S0006224 PILLBOX (TYPE FW3/22 AA): S0008124 PILLBOX (TYPE FW3/22): S0006072 Bawdsey Battery Observation Post S00060223 […]

Bawdsey Battery and Pillboxes

Located on the Golta peninsular on the Island of Flotta, This WWI battery initially housed 3 3pdr’s. This was upped to 4 12pdr’s which were transferred from Holm battery . The battery is extremely well preserved and even has blast baffles remaining in one of the trenches to the magazine.

Roan Head Battery (WWI)

Pendennis Castle, Cornwall Pendennis Castle guards the entrance to the River Fal at Falmouth, Cornwall. Originally built by Henry VIII, subjected to an intense blockade by the ‘Roundheads’ in the 17th Century and surviving WWII it offers a unique insight into 450 years of history. It has several important WWII […]

Half Moon Battery