Allhallows Defences & The Battle of Britain June 1940: as German forces had now rolled up Europe and pushed the beleaguered British back home from Dunkirk, the defence of the British Isles became a paramount concern. The country’s coastal defences were strengthened, with many miles of barbed wire springing up. Some […]

Allhallows Defences

Viaduct Pillboxes. Adisham Viaduct in East Kent is unusual in that it has two pillboxes built into the recesses of the archways. Adisham Viaduct Picture by David Ottway. This photo above shows the left hand arch with the top of the pillbox outline. Picture by David Ottway. This photo shows […]

Adisham Viaduct

Ashurst FW3/24 Pillbox Picture by David Ottway This is a short article on the GHQ line between the villages of Ashurst (on the Kent and Sussex border) and the village of Penshurst in Kent along the course of the River Medway, both of the villages lie to the west of […]

Ashurst & Penshurst GHQ Line

River Medway and Barming Bridge. Ngr TQ725539 Over grown Type 24 Pillbox covering Barming Bridge, the Anti tank emplacement is just yards behind.. Picture by David Ottway. I had observed the two ivy clad structures in the bottom of an apple orchard just east of the rail bridge over a […]

Barming Bridge

Bekesbourne Anti Tank Tetrahedra Ngr TR200556   Bekesbourne Anti-Tank Obstacles A large number of anti-tank pimples near the railway line by the ww1 (and ww2?) Aerodrome of Bekesbourne. I’m not sure if these are listed in DoB data base as i can’t find them but would be surprised if they […]


The River Medway & GHQ Line at Teston. The village of Teston [pronounced Teason] is on the north bank of the River Medway and is four miles west of the county town of Maidstone. A view of Teston Bridge and the River Medway looking North East. In 1940 a section […]

Defending Teston Bridge