Torpedo Attack Trainer (TAT) Rinnigill, Hoy.

Sadly, this unique Torpedo Attack Trainer, is rapidly being destroyed by Orkney’s harsh weather. Nearly all of the roof is now missing and the remains of the trainer “sphere” are almost gone. These pictures are from 2007.

Research has identified this building as a Submarine Cyclorama Torpedo Attack Teacher. Abbreviated annotations of SC/TAT on multiple prefabricated timber sections within building also support reinterpretation. Adaptation of Torpedo Attack Teacher for surface attack. Link trainer is replaced by revolving conning tower with periscope and control instruments. Some installations fitted with asdic control. Plotting table records complete attack. Target image and atmospheric effects projected onto dome interior as with other TAT’s.

Pictures below from 2018

Pictures below from 2022 – roof now completely failed. Drone footage shows large cracks in, now unsupported, gable ends.