Hayling Island’s FW3/22 Pillboxes


There are at least half a dozen of the common type 22 pillboxes that can be found dotted around the island, some are accesible others are not, the majority can be found by walking along the south west coast close to Hayling Island golf course.

With the exception of the pillboxes on the north part of the island all of these are finished in pebble as an aid of camouflage, construction differences can be found with fewer loopholes on some, internally all have a brick central Y blast wall.

Two type 22 pillboxes cover Ferry Rd, one is close to the road while the other sits within the Golf course, the grey concrete shuttered type 22 at Mengham Salterns has an attached L shaped half height blast wall.

  • A short gazeteer of known bulletproof FW3/22 pillboxes on Hayling Island

  • SZ738992 Mengham Salterns
  • SZ724013 North Island
  • SZ693996 Ferry Rd
  • SZ690996 Golf Course
  • SZ693992 Golf Course
  • SZ692990 South West Beach
  • SZ694989 South West Beach
Tim Denton 2003