Variant Pillbox Near Seaton Delaval. e27279.

This unusual pillbox was in the grounds of a large Victorian house until that was demolished and replaced by at least 14 modern houses. A planning condition was imposed that the pillbox must be preserved, enhanced and protected during and after the building works.

This was done and the pillbox was a unique example in an unusual location. Unfortunately, following the sale of the house with it in the garden (No. 14), the pillbox has been demolished. From it’s position and the apparent age of the wall that obscured two of the loopholes it is possible that it could have been of WWI origin. It is, at this time, unclear if permission was required or sought to demolish it.

There were some alterations, the doorway had been enlarged and from the presence of the pipes in the roof this had probably been done to house an oil tank. The wall nearest the gate had been added to but the original wall and loopholes inside were intact.