Sherfield On Loddon Type 22s

Wartime Survivors at Sherfield on Loddon, Hampshire.

A pair of tall type 22 pillboxes can be found just east of the A33 Basingstoke to reading rd. at Sherfield on Loddon in Hampshire.


One sits at floods farm north of the River Loddon at ngr: su684584

This can be seen both from the road and footpath leading across the wide open fields east of the A33 Basingstoke to Reading Rd.


The other sits just south of the river and can be viewed from the car park of the longbridge mill inn at ngr: su683582


This brick shuttered pillbox is now almost overgrown with vegetation. Both pillboxes have cast embrasures and have been purposely built `tall`, probably in an effort to prevent flooding when the rivers level rises and floods the surrounding fields.


The Floods Farm pillbox looks in excellent condition but does not appear to be recorded on the Defence of Britain Database.

My panoramic photo shows the general layout of the land looking north across the River Loddon. The Floods Farm pillbox can be just seen in the distant back ground on the far left.


Tim Denton 2009