Committed To The Study & Preservation Of 20th Century United Kingdom & International Pillboxes & Anti-Invasion Defences

The Pillbox Study Group (PSG) is for those who believe that “History” did not end with the dawning of the 20th Century and that defences and fortifications built of “Concrete” are as important as those built in the time of the Romans or the Normans.

The humble, if ubiquitous, Pillbox is often the first example of a defensive work seen by many people. Which is not surprising as over 18,000 were constructed across the British Isles to resist the Nazi invader during Hitler’s proposed “Operation Sealion”, the planned German Invasion of England set for 1940.

It is the aim of this website to introduce to you some of the more common Anti-Invasion structures that you are still likely to find surviving around the world, and in particular our own countryside and to give you an idea of the reasoning behind their particular locations.

We are particularly interested in recruiting new members and relish the chance to explore any new sites that you can tell us about. As part of your membership you will receive our journal “Loopholes” and can take part in our organised Pillbox Rescue Archaeology Projects and War Walks.

New – Spotter’s Guide to Pillboxes & other anti-invasion structures of WWII. By Mike Osborne.

Out now the Spotter’s guide to pillboxes, a 52 page booklet which attempts to “explain the presence of the thousands of pillboxes still to be seen across the countryside and along the coasts.”
Available only from the Pillbox Study Group.
Get your copy by sending a Cheque for £6.50 (UK Only) (made out to Pillbox Study Group) to Alistair Graham Kerr, ‘Casemate’ 7 Burgh Castle, Marine Butt Lane, Burgh Castle, Norfolk. NR31 9PZ

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Moray Firth Type 24 Fly Round

The PSG does not encourage members to undertake the ad hoc clearance of vegetation from pillboxes and other defences, as it can expose them to physical damage and inappropriate use, it may also contravene a variety of statutory regulations including, listed buildings and SSSI designations. Vegetation clearance should only ever be undertaken as part of a formal arrangement, having sought and obtained permission from the land owner and other necessary authorities. Damaging a listed or scheduled monument can be considered as a Heritage Crime.