Abbey Fields Air Raid Shelters

Abbey Fields, Kenilworth, Warwickshire.

The Abbey Fields air raid shelters I have enclosed some pictures of the air raid shelters in and around the Abbey Fields in Kenilworth. Starting at the war memorial at the top of the Abbey Fields we followed Forrest Road to the left and down the hill until we came to the first shelter.

Retracing our steps we arrived at Rosemary Hill and here was the second shelter about half way down the hill. From the road you can see the bricked in entrance and on top of the mound you can find the escape hatch.

Heading further down the hill and over the bridge and into the car park opposite Abbotsford School we found the remains of the third shelter. From the road again you can see the bricked up entrance also within the carpark itself you can see the remains of the escape hatch.

Crossing the road and heading down new street and opposite the royal oak public house you can see the bricked up entrance to the fourth shelter. Heading back the same way we crossed the junction and headed towards the castle and here we found what we believed to be the 5th site but apart from a mound nothing else remains.

By Alan Orton