We are particularly interested in recruiting new members to the PSG and relish the opportunity to study any new sites that you can tell us about. We currently have 300 members in six countries and many of them have contributed their time and resources to the Defence of Britain Project and the PSG.

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Otherwise the membership fee is only £8-00 for one year UK membership or £10-00 for overseas membership.

Members receive the journal ‘Loopholes‘ three times a year which details recent finds and sites of particular interest to the military archaeologist.

Please send Sterling cheque or Money Order Made out to – Pillbox Study Group –  along with your address (and e-mail address if you have one) to:

Tom Bell

Pillbox Study Group Membership
12 Castle Close
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If you have any questions about the PSG, membership, Pillboxes or Defence Structure related topics please do not hesitate in contacting our Co-ordinator Roger J. C. Thomas.