Fife Pillboxes


NGR: NO 295 033.

The first pictures are of a pillbox over looking the railway line from Kirkcaldy to Leuchars (Edinburgh to Aberdeen).


The Pillbox is in very good condition, though full of rubbish. I didn’t have a torch, so I didn’t venture inside.

Whitehill Plantation

NGR: NO 301 029.

This Pillbox one is located about 1 mile as the crow flies from the previous Pillbox over looking the railway line.

It over looks a large flat area of farm land near Markinch.  Most of the pillbox has been buried and the only way in would be through the loopholes at the front of it.

It appears to be in good condition.


Dumbarnie Links

These pictures are of two Pillboxes a few miles along the Fife Coastal path from the Kincraig Battery (heading towards Lower largo).

They are on a part of Largo Bays beach called Dumbarnie Links.

NGR: N0 442 020

Alongside them are lots of Anti-tank Blocks (also in pics). The pillboxes are full of rubbish and graffiti from people camping on the beach.

Pillbox one (nearest the beach) has fairly recently had a door fitted and an attempt to brick up the loopholes.


Lundin Links Golf Club

NGR: NO 408 024

Two pillboxes on the beach in front of the Lundin Links Golf Club. Golf shop visiable in pics.

Again the beach is part of Largo Bay.

The two boxes are in poor shape. Over grown with weed sand major cracks in places. Also full of rubbish.


Gregg Campbell

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