Severn Estuary Revisited

Kevin Briggs from Monmouth, has kindly sent in photographs he took in the 1980’s and 1990’s.

The Defence Structures are to be found on the western side of the River Severn.

 Type 22 Pillbox @ Magor (1987)

Grid: ST 4130-8680

Note the very unusual concrete plinths that protrude above each loophole.


 Type 24 Pillbox @ Lydney

near Chepstow (1991)

Grid: SO 6420-0140


 Type 26 Pillbox @ Lydney (1991)

Grid: SO 6320-0170

 Prefabricated Type 26 Pillbox

@ Beachley, Near Chepstow (1984)

Grid: ST 5480-9030

Cantilever Type Pillbox

@ Chapel Farm, Magor (1987)

Grid: ST 4430-8520

 Section Post @ Magor (1987)

Grid: ST 8670-4190


Kevin Briggs