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Vickers Gun & Equipped for Action

 A Vickers Emplacement 70 Years On An early morning in July saw myself and Mike Hopton meet up to recreate how a fully equipped pillbox would have appeared seventy years ago. The purpose of the day was not only to

Building Winterton-On-Sea’s Defences

Constructing Winterton-On-Sea’s  WWII Anti-Invasion Defences A Personal Perspective, By John Green MBE I am recalling these events from 60 years ago but can assure you that they are as accurate as possible.  The Company who did the construction work was: May Gurney

Eastney Defences, Portsmouth.

Eastney Barracks,Ferry Rd and Beach Defences.  SZ666987 The Loopholed wall can be seen surrounding part of the Royal Marines Barracks at Eastney in  Portsmouth, this particular section is at the junction of St George’s Road and Cromwell Road leading to

Northumberland Stoplines

Wooler To Belford This is the most northerly stop line in the county of Northumberland and as such probably the most northerly in England. It stretches from the town of Wooler in the west to the coast just past Belford

National Trust North Downs GHQ Line B Pillbox Event

National Trust North Downs Pillbox Day Sunday the 13th of September 2009 was probably the first time the GHQ Line B pillboxes above Abinger Hammer had been manned with Home Guard since WW2.  Surrey National Trust and head warden Rob

A “New” Type Of Pillbox

It’s not often that one finds a truly “new” pillbox these days (I know – all of them are 60+ years old), but even rarer that a “new” name for a pillbox is uncovered. This is the story of how

The F.C. Mushroom Pillbox

The F.C. Construction Type are also variously termed “Mushroom” due to its shape or “Oakington” & “Fairlop” Pillboxes, probably because examples are present on both these airfields. The type seems to be confined to airfields apparently being found predominantly in

Shell Ness EXDO Post

Louise Manuell takes a photographic tour of this very unusual defence structure. NGR: TR 05283 67630

Sand-Le-Mere: Defence of a Coastal Inlet

East Yorkshire by Austin J Ruddy The Holderness area of East Yorkshire stretches 30 miles from Flamborough Head in the north to Spurn Head in the south, and 20 miles inland past Hull, along the river Humber. It is predominantly

The Northumberland Beehive Pillbox

Northumberland ‘Beehive’ Pillboxes   Edlingham It is located half way between Alnwick and Rothbury on the B6341 road, NGR: NU 12435 09377. It is close to the edge of the road by a small lay-by but unless you know where

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