Midsomer Norton

I thought the members of the PSG would be interested in this unique 1940s time-warp view of our railway station on the Somerset and Dorset at Midsomer Norton, Somerset.


We recently uncovered our Type 24 from behind a veil of 30 years of overgrowth. At present we are restoring the railway and hope to have steam back by March 6th 2005, the 39th anniversary of closure of the Somerset & Dorset system.

We are also planning a wartime exhibit in the box, with thick glass in the gun ports, a door, whitewashing, heating and lighting.

There is another Type 24 box 100 yards further south-west along the cutting top in a back garden.

The anti-tank ditch across Norton Hill was filled in years ago and anti-tank blocks along the field towards Norton down were either filled over or removed. However, in our yard on either side of our goods shed we have dug up many concrete anti-tank cross-angle iron bases just like examples on the Normandy Beaches.

Note From The Website Curator

Well done to Nick and the team in restoring this Type 24 Pillbox and I’m sure all the PSG members would like to join me in wishing the railway restoration project a huge success.

by Nick Howes