Rudyard Lake

The lake was built in 1797 to provide water for the canal system and is strictly a reservoir rather than a lake.

It was of prime importance during WWII as it’s destruction would have severely affected the ability of the important canal network to have remained operational. To this end several Pillboxes were constructed to protect the approaches to the man-made dam.

 Camouflaged Pillbox Guarding The Approach Road To Rudyard


Located on a bend in the approach road to the railway bridge at Rudyard, this pillbox was camouflaged by making it look like a small cottage complete with a ridge type roof.


Although the timber roof has now collapsed, the brick apex gable ends remain intact as testimony to the attempt at making this Pillbox as inconspicuous as possible.


Some of the original roof tiles and wood structure remain on top of the Pillbox.

 Type 24 Pillbox Guarding The Lower Slope & Approach Road Of The Rudyard Dam


By Graham G. Matthews