Type 22 ‘Eastern Command Variant’

Expanded Type 22 Pillbox

Expanded Type 22 Pillbox

Hexagonal with central LAA / Observation well.

This is usually found in two sizes:
One with walls of 11′ 7″ (3.5m) and the other with walls of 9′ 9″ (3m)
Instead of the high level doors through to the central well, there is usually a full-height door in an angle of the inner wall


Hexagonal Airfield defence pillbox

Several hexagonal pillboxes can be seen close to the perimeter of RAF Detling in Kent, the example in the pictures is probably the most well known and visible beside the A249 on the Kent County showground. Note this pillbox is six sided with central open well and protected side entrance.

Detling Airfield hexagonalLAA Pillbox
Picture by Tim Denton 2002
Detling Airfield hexagonalLAA Pillbox
Picture by Tim Denton 2002
Google Earth view showing the hexagonal LAA at Detling Kent