Gosport Rectangular Pillbox

 Fort Brockhurst, Gosport, Hampshire.

Ngr SU595 018

Gosport Rectangular Pillbox

With Fort Brockhurst in the background this is a view looking from the south east.


This unusual design for light machine gun defence can be found on the perimeter of Fort Brockhurst in Gosport. The rectangular breeze block pillbox is postioned facing south west covering the junction of Rowner and Fareham Road.

The block built structure features four stepped embrasures in three of the four walls , the rear features a 2 foot wide entrance. The pillbox was built to bullet proof specification and has walls that are approximately 18 inches thick, the overall outer dimensions measure 15 ft by 14ft, a central cross shaped blast wall dissects the interior space of the gun emplacement.

A similar design can be found close to the Royal Marines Barracks at Eastney, Portsmouth.

Pictures by Tim Denton 2005.