Hayling Island Rectangular Pillbox

Hayling Island Rectangular Pillbox

View looking North towards Langstone Bridge. June 2013.

This unusually tall rectangular pillbox can be found beside the A3023 Havant Rd at Hayling Island a short distance after leaving Langstone Bridge.

Hayling Island Rectangular Pillbox

Plan of shellproof variant pillbox at Ngr SU719037
Drawing copyright Tim Denton 2003

This defence is a one off  design and was constructed to shellproof specification with 3ft thick walls, the pillbox shares some similar build details as found on two type 22s local to it, these include wall thickness, loopholes, brick finish and provision for Bren Gun mounting.

The defence covers the main road close to Langstone Harbour Bridge which is the only route on and off the island.

The pillbox weapon tables were equipped to take the Bren LMG; two loopholes cover the approach from the south while the others give all round fire.

The North facing end entrance has a small inner wall acting as a baffle protecting the interior.

Please note: This defence is on private land but can be easily viewed from the path and road.

Pictures, drawing and text by Tim Denton 2013.