Sardinia Defences

The following information was kindly e-mailed to the PSG  by Daniele Grioni in Lombardia (Northern Italy).

 A Coastal Pillbox for a heavy machine-gun (Type Breda 37) at Capitana ( uartu Sant’Elena) .


The stronghold “Domus de Maria” found along the road between Domus de Maria and Teuleda in southern Sardinia.

It is reported to be in very good condition.


This Italian Pillbox was photographed by Livio Paoli and e-mailed to the PSG by Daniele Grioni. It is part of a “roadblock strongpoint” located between Porto Torres and Argentiera, Sardinia

 Fortificazioni Costiere Italiane 1940-1943


Monte Pauliara, Capoterra / “Poggio dei Pini”

Concrete Observation Post, Machine Gun Casemate and Underground Bunker


Fortified Line of Cupoterra, (Cagliari – Sardinia)

Bunker “Caposaldo III” for heavy (Breda 37, Fiat 35 etc) and Light (Breda 30) Machine Guns. Disguised as a house!


Seddas Moddizzis (Gonnesa) Anti-Tank Obstacles And Light Machine Gun Emplacement (1943)


Apparently There Is Also A Bunker For An Anti-Tank Gun 47/32mm And Another For A Heavy Machine Gun

Capoterra Near Cagliari

Standard emplacement for Heavy Machine Gun in a bunker at Capoterra near Cagliari