Surrey Bullet Proof Rectangulars

Bagshot Heath Rectangular Infantry Pillboxes

Bagshot Heath Rectangular Infantry Pillbox

Rear view showing L shaped blast wall protecting low entrance.

At the edge of Aldershot Command two small, simple designed pillboxes stand on heathland North West of Bagshot in Surrey.

The pillboxes may have been placed to defend the area of wide open heathland against a surprise airborne attack by enemy gliders or paratroops leading to the important military bases of Sandhurst and Camberley as well as nearby Deepcut Barracks and the A30 main route to London.

Each defence has five basic stepped loopholes with provision for gun mountings as well as remnants of flame proof flap fitments.

Plan of Rectangular Infantry Pillbox, Bagshot Heath

Plan drawing of Bagshot Rectangular Pillbox
Copyright Tim Denton 2003

Both defences are constructed by shuttered concrete that formed  18” thick bullet proof walls, each pillbox features a half height L shaped blast wall protecting a loophole covered crouch down entrance.

Examples at Ngr SU890632 and 889631

Similar designs can be found in Berkshire and near Elstead on GHQ Line B in Surrey.

Pictures, drawing and text by Tim Denton 2013