Hendra Beach

OS 203: Land’s End

 Type 24 Pillbox

Grid Ref: SW 5870-2758


This Type 24 Pillbox is located on the south-eastern end of of Praa Sands Beach about 100m from the beach access steps. Originally built on top of the 10m high cliffs it has unfortunately been subjected to the local coastal erosion problem and has settled down onto the beach itself.

Constructed of concrete blocks and built on a raft of concrete it is subjected to wave action at every high tide. Surviving this onslaught certainly pays testament to its original design and construction!

 Anti-Tank Wall At Praa Sands

OS 203: Land’s End

Grid Ref: SW 5749-2815

Unfortunately, due to local beach access requirements at the north-western end of Praa Sands Beach (Opposite end to Hendra Beach) and immediately below the Welloe Rock Public House, this Anti-Tank Wall has recently been destroyed. It was originally positioned to prevent vehicle movement from the beach in the case of an amphibious landing.


By Graham G Matthews