Eastney Defences, Portsmouth.

Eastney Barracks,Ferry Rd and Beach Defences.


Loopholed Wall Eastney

Loopholed Wall Eastney

The Loopholed wall can be seen surrounding part of the Royal Marines Barracks at Eastney in  Portsmouth, this particular section is at the junction of St George’s Road and Cromwell Road leading to the main Royal Gate. Its location is close to the sea front, the perimeter wall of the Barracks would have ensured a good defensive position from the numerous loopholes running its length.

Further along at  SZ683997  Ferry Rd, Eastney here there are a row of concrete anti-tank blocks positioned  road side on the approach to Langstone Harbour.

Ferry Road Anti Tank Blocks

The blocks have probably been moved from their original location and are now arranged alongside the road to prevent vehicles parking on the verge, they also provide anchorage points for boats moored in the harbour, I counted just over a 100 in total and they all still seem to be in fine condition. Some further Anti Tank cubes can be found on the beach south of Ferry Rd.

Tim Denton 2003