How to use the EDOB overlay for Google earth

  1. Download the .kmz file to a known location on your computer e.g. c:\downloads or anywhere else that suits you.
  2. Open Google Earth (you will need the desktop version, not the web version) on a P.C., not a phone or tablet.
  3. Go to the file menu (top left) and select the open command. See Image 1 below
  4. Navigate to the file you downloaded and select it. See image 2 below
  5. After a brief loading time you should see the EDOB entry appear in the Places tab to the left of the map. See image 3 below.
  6. Click the checkbox next to the name and after a brief pause the overlay will load. See picture 4 below.
  7. The overlay is very large and needs a powerful computer. We recommend that you zoom in to the area you are interested in before clicking the checkbox as this speeds things up massively. You can toggle the various sections on and off individually if you want a clearer display.



If you want to use this on an Android phone or tablet then you will need MapInr  This will load the overlay and provide basic info on the map. It works on an LG G6 running android 8.0. I have not tried it on anything else and cannot provide any support if it doesn’t work for you.