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Pillboxes in the Media

Section Posts & Seagull Trenches

Anti-Tank Obstacles

    Anti-Tank Vertical Rails, East Sussex. Picture by Tim Denton 2009   Dragons Teeth on the North Kent coast at the Isle of Grain . Ngr TQ792716. Picture by Tim Denton.


ARP Signal Box

In the late 1930s as threat of war with Germany grew so did the general anticipation that if war came it would involve an aerial bombing campaign. The railway companies were faced with the prospect of keeping vital buildings, such

Auxiliary Unit Signals Hide

George Dawes and Mark Bond have located an example of an Auxiliary Unit radio hide, and in the course of researching the Auxiliary Units for the Defence of Britain Project I have come across some other interesting information on these

Auxiliary Unit Radio Bunker

Mark Bond, a friend of mine from Hornsea, N. Humberside, phoned to say he had found what he thought was an Auxiliary Unit Radio Bunker near Sigglesthorne, just outside Hornsea. Mark’s main interest is the Auxiliary Units and their hides.

Hitler’s threatened British Invasion 1940

  In June 1940 the unimaginable happened: the mighty French Army, that had held the line against Germany in 1914, collapsed in a matter of weeks under the weight of the Nazi blitzkrieg. Britain faced Germany alone: even worse, her

UK WWII Defence Locations

It is by no accident that the majority of defence structures are located where they are. With the emergency evacuation of the BEF from the beaches of Dunkirk there was an obvious and urgent need to build defences against the

Pillbox Books

Here are some of the books recommended by The Pillbox Study Group. Most recent entries are at the bottom of the page. If you are looking to buy any of these please consider using the link below the cover so

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