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As the main anchorage for the Home Fleet in both World Wars Orkney, and in particular Scapa Flow, was heavily fortified. Some details of those fortifications will be appearing here soon.


Defences at Findhorn Findhorn is located on the Moray Firth and is the next settlement to the west of Roseisle. The sandy beaches and easy access inland from same made this area a potentially attractive invasion area. It was therefore

Defending Teston Bridge, Kent

The River Medway & GHQ Line at Teston. The village of Teston [pronounced Teason] is on the north bank of the River Medway and is four miles west of the county town of Maidstone. In 1940 a section of the

Sinah Common HAA Site

HAA Battery, Ferry Road, Hayling Island. Ngr SZ 699994 On Sinah common at Hayling Island in Hampshire (map ref SZ699994), a Heavy Anti-Aircraft Battery has been preserved as a memorial to the six gunners that died defending the Portmouth area

Sherfield On Loddon Type 22s

Wartime Survivors at Sherfield on Loddon, Hampshire. A pair of tall type 22 pillboxes can be found just east of the a33 Basingstoke to reading rd. at Sherfield on Loddon in Hampshire. One sits at floods farm north of the

Bramshill FW3/25 Armco Pillboxes

River Whitewater GHQ Line A Defences. Ngr SU740611 Close to Heckfield Bridge near Bramshill in Hampshire are two very original and sound surving  type 25 pillboxes. The full height example which can be easily seen from the road  has its inner

Elvetham Heath’s Spigot Mortar Base

A Preserved Spigot Mortar Base Elvetham Heath, Fleet, Hampshire  Ngr SU791550 Preserving WW2 defence remains is un usual but not un heard but this is an exception where time and trouble has ensured history has been saved for future generations.

Elstead GHQ Line

Farnham Park

Spigot Mortar Base and Air Raid Shelter. Farnham Park is accessible to all and within can be found surviving relics from WW2. During the conflict the park was close to the GHQ Line and next to Farnham Castle where the War

Monkton Farleigh Ammo Depot

Surviving Defences around the C.A.D Monkton Farleigh, Wiltshire. During the 1930s there was a requirement for secure storage for munitions throughout Great Britain.  Three main CAD or Central Ammunition Depots were created , north of England Longton Cumbria, the midlands

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