Category: Variant and Local Designs Part 2

Surrey Bullet Proof Rectangulars

Bagshot Heath Rectangular Infantry Pillboxes At the edge of Aldershot Command two small, simple designed pillboxes stand on heathland North West of Bagshot in Surrey. The pillboxes may have been placed to defend the area of wide open heathland against

Vickers Factory Pillbox.

Brooklands Museum, Weybridge, Surrey. TQ 0699562943 This small and unique six sided pillbox can be found within the Brooklands Museum at Weybridge in Surrey close to other British icons such as Concorde and the VC10, although it can  be seen close

QF Six Pounder Open Gun Emplacement

The hexagonal Anti-tank gun emplacement or gun pit as it can also be called  is one of the more rarely found defences, Working in conjunction with pillboxes as well as trenches and roadblocks they were primarily positioned to cover points

Surrey’s Mowlem Type 24 Drum

Along GHQ Line B south of Guildford between Godalming and Chilworth there are eighteen unique shaped pillboxes that were constructed by J Mowlem builders. The Mowlem Company built the defences in their own style, for ease and speed they substituted

Part 2 O – Z

Open Machine Gun Positions

From the Manual OF Field Engineering Vol. 1 (All Arms) 1933 comes a description of how and when to build the type of emplacement described here. CHAPTER IX. PROTECTIVE WORKS 36. Machine-gun emplacements 1. General.—In mobile warfare there will seldom

ROF pillbox variants

ROF Type The ROF type is a bespoke design only found at Royal Ordnance depots and factories. It is a small square pillbox with distinctive long narrow embrasures in each wall. The door is low and usually covered by a

Pentagonal Pillbox

Pentagonal Pillboxes Pentagonal pillboxes, as the name suggests, are regular pentagons in shape. This general type appears to be an Air Ministry design as the remaining examples are only found on or close to airfields, there are 19 examples still

Ruck Pillbox

Type 22 ‘Eastern Command Variant’

Hexagonal with central LAA / Observation well. This is usually found in two sizes: One with walls of 11′ 7″ (3.5m) and the other with walls of 9′ 9″ (3m) Instead of the high level doors through to the central

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