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Dorset Square Variant

Woodsford Castle Defence, Dorchester. SY758903   This square and somewhat part disguised pillbox is built into the garden wall of Woodsford Castle near Warmwell Airfield and Dorchester, this defence once formed part of the Southern Command, Dorchester to Poole Stop

Gosport Rectangular Pillbox

Hayling Island Rectangular Pillbox

This unusually tall rectangular pillbox can be found beside the A3023 Havant Rd at Hayling Island a short distance after leaving Langstone Bridge. This defence is a one off  design and was constructed to shellproof specification with 3ft thick walls,

North Downs Way Shellproof Type 24 Variant.

FW3/24 at Great Copse, Ranmore Common, Surrey. Sequence number 86 – NGR TQ125495. Continuing on the North Downs another unusual built pillbox can be found south of Great Copse near Ranmore Common. This modified type 24 sits at the edge

Aldershot Command’s 2- Pounder Emplacement

GHQ Line B Anti Tank Defence. By Tim Denton.   This design of anti tank emplacement is unique and can only be found on GHQ Line B between Elstead and west of the A3 at Peper Harow in Surrey, each

Aldershot Command’s 8-Sided Pillbox

Hampshire and Surrey Bullet Proof  Variant. Only nine examples of this bullet proof pillbox survive making it one of the rarest local designs found within Aldershot Command in both Hampshire and Surrey. Similar in appearance to a standard type 22 this

North Downs Way Tall Type 24

This tall but slim profile type 24 can be found beside the North Downs Way above Wotton in Surrey. On GHQ Line B Bullet proof pillboxes disappear between Hurtmore and re-emerge on the slopes above Brockham East of Dorking so

North Downs Way Unusual Variant

Shellproof defence built for site,Wotton,Surrey. Ngr TQ121494 Along the route of the North Downs Way between Newlands Corner and Ranmore there are dozens of pillboxes that formed the defensive back bone on the Surrey Hills , most  of the defences are Shell proof Type

Marlborough Mini Pillbox

Wiltshire’s Smallest Pillbox. Ngr SU188692 Most people walking down Kingsbury Street in Marlborough wouldn’t give it a second glance but this mini pillbox is unique and very unusual. First appearing In Henry Wills “Pillboxes” in 1985 the mini defence appears to

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