Bosley Reservoir

Seaplane Pillbox

OS118 NGR: SJ926654

On a recent visit to the Peak District National Park I decided to investigate a report of a Pillbox that guarded a local reservoir. If you drive along the A54 from Buxton to Congleton you will find Bosley Reservoir just south of the road. Down some very narrow lanes you will eventually arrive at the Dam itself and there perched on a bank at the eastern end is a Type 24. So why have a Pillbox overlooking a Reservoir? The answer is Seaplanes! A perceived water-borne landing by German troops in a Seaplane was envisaged. The Pillbox was positioned to give an excellent field of fire across the top of the dam and reservoir itself. I haven’t had a chance to walk around to the far side of the water but local residents have told me that there are large Rolled Steel Joists (RSJ`s) dug into the ground on either side. A Steel Cable was then pulled between them and secured to the RSJ`s in order to rip the bottom out of any landing Seaplane! Nice one!


Front Elevation looking towards the water


View from the Type 24

Side and rear elevations showing how the local water authority has attempted to blend it into the landscape by panting new trees and bushes. They have fixed a steel door and glass to make the Pillbox weather tight and use it to store tools etc. for use around the dam.


by Graham G Matthews