St Ives

Camouflaged Pillbox

OS 203: Lands End. NGR: SW 5205 – 4040

Pedn Olva Point


This is a very unusual ‘Camouflage’ Pillbox located immediately below the hotel at Pedn Olva at the western edge of Porthminster Beach, St Ives. It is faced in local stone and is so well blended into the cliff that it is almost impossible to locate it when standing on the harbour pier opposite.


Because of its camouflage it is very difficult to ascertain exactly what construction type it actually is. However, it is probably a Type 24. As it’s entrance has been sealed detailed internal examination is impossible. In fact it is now used by the hotel above to house pumping equipment!


Originally access to the structure would have been gained from the hotel grounds above. Steps and a narrow path protected by a low wall are located on the corner of the harbour side elevation.